On the Straight & Narrow' Liquid Eyeliner Pen

  • Natural Ingredients; Alcohol, Paraben and Perfume-free.
  • Applies with ease
  • 24-hour effects
  • Smudge-free
  • Safe for sensitive skin and eyes
  • Allows for precise and high intensity application

The German ink technology ensures this modern liquid eyeliner to draw a flawless even line with the ultra-thin felt tip. The long lasting ink formula will give you up to 24-hours of precision definition for even the sharpest of cat-eyes. The natural ink formula is 100% free of alcohol and won't smudge. This liner provides a smooth and luminous look for any occasion.

Available in Blackberry (Black), Cinnamon (Dark Brown), Mushroom (Gray), Splash (Jet Blue)



Customer Reviews (58)
I got this eyeliner in my IPSY bag and I absolutely love it. I have been using it for a while now and the tip has worn out a tiny bit from my excessive use and I just noticed the DuoTip feature (written on the side). If you are careful, with tweezers you can remove the tip and flip it over and insert it and there is a fresh tip on the other end!!! Maybe someone else has mentioned this, or maybe this is standard for liquid eyeliner pens but this hidden feature is amazing and like having a whole new eyeliner!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!!! Ps. Aurora, advertise the duo tip feature!! Fantastic Product!! Review by Carla (Posted on 8/4/2017)
Best Eyeliner Ever! Flawless!
This is the only liquid liner I use. Love the cinnamon and now I am going to try the Mushroom. Review by Bethmcd (Posted on 7/15/2017)
Love it!
I got this in my Ipsy bag and was hesitant to try it because I kinda hate liquid liners, they just end up smeared all over my face if not while I'm applying it then later in the evening. Not this one! I fell asleep wearing it and it still looks flawless. I even had my male friend tell me "them wings tho" last night, and I was like right?? And it only took me maybe a minute to apply. I'm in love <3 Review by Allison (Posted on 5/20/2017)
Easy to apply, lasts all day
This is easy to apply and lasts all day! I love how it looks in Cinnamon! Review by Erica (Posted on 5/9/2017)
I've waited so long for a liner like this.
This product came in my ipsy bag and I'm so happy it did. I got the color Cinnamon and it looks absolutely beautiful! It's really pigmented but not obnoxious, and goes on so smooth! I'm not the best with liquid liner, but this is so easy to apply and the applicator is pointy so you get a great wing. I cant go back to any other liquid liner or pen after using this one. Great job with this, I'm definitely going to be repurchasing this and hopefully the other colors will be just as great as this one! Review by Becca Z (Posted on 4/24/2017)
This product is utterly impressive, and stays true to the claims it says.
I have received this eyeliner in Cinnamon inside my Ipsy bag awhile ago. Honestly, I didn't think anything much at first. I shoved it in one of my drawers and never really looked closer than that..

I wish I never put it away. After finally picking this eyeliner up I was absolutely floored on how impressive this pen is! The colour is gorgeous, and is easy to draw/flick on lines with no hassle. It doesn't smudge, and after a few washes and 2-3 different kinds of makeup remover it stays put! I would be confident to wear this awesome product to the beach or pool parties without worry.
Already, I have recommended this to my friends and mother and definitely will be coming back for more.
Review by Vivian (Posted on 4/20/2017)
I got the cinnimon brown in my ipsy!!! I love it. It matches my hair so I use it on my eyebrows and it looks flawless and natural. Review by Althea (Posted on 4/18/2017)
Thank you IPSY
I have oily lids and tend to smudge my eyeliner (don't wear make-up everyday) when i wear it. I received this in my IPSY bad in December and fell in love!!! I don't think that i have liked a liner this much in a long time. I recomend it to everyone that will listen. Review by Elvia (Posted on 3/27/2017)
Long lasting and precise
I love this eyeliner in cinnamon color because it matches my hair color perfectly and makes my eyes very bright. It is really long lasting, I never had to worry about it throughout the day! The tip makes it very easy to apply. I will never switch to any other eyeliner!
Review by Kate (Posted on 3/2/2017)
Easy to apply
I like this tip! and it is long lasting. My eyes' area is kind of oily, so it is easy to be smudge. But this eyeliner is smudge -proof, at least it last more than 8 hours. I like it !
Review by Babara (Posted on 3/2/2017)
Great eyeliner! I love the applicator and it is really long lasting. I definately recommend it!
Review by Marnie (Posted on 3/2/2017)
Excellent, easy and long wearing
I got this in my Ipsy Glam Bag in black. I LOVE it!!! It is so quick and easy to apply with minimal errors to the wings. Yes, it really lasts!!! I frequently fall asleep with my makeup up on ( I have Chronic Fatigue ) and my makeup in fully in tact in the morning. No smears, smudges or naked eyes. I am so happy with this liner and think everyone should have it too.
Review by Andi (Posted on 3/2/2017)
I love these "marker type" eye liners - they give you more precision for the perfect winged look. It doesn't smudge, and stayed put on me all day! Plus, the price point is spot on!
Review by Chantelle Shaffer (Posted on 3/2/2017)
Absolutely amazing
This eyeliner is fairly cheap and super easy to use. When I remove my eyeliner at night I scrub it off with a makeup wipe and theres still a faded wing there. This stuff really is smudgefree and more than 24 hours.
Review by Mir (Posted on 3/2/2017)
Hands down the BEST eyeliner!
I got this eyeliner in my Ipsy bag and since then its been the ONLY eyeliner I have been using! I have nothing negative to say about this product. I received the eyeliner in the color of cinnamon and omg.. the color is stunning! Its a beautiful chocolate brown with a plum undertone. I have received so many compliments on how the color just makes my green eyes "pop". As far as the quality goes... cant ask for more! My eyes tend to water horribly so I have to wear eyeliners and mascaras that can hold up. This eyeliner stays on till I take it off.. no Raccoon eyes! The tip is so precise its a breeze getting into the corners of yours eyes. Love it!
Review by Nicole (Posted on 2/28/2017)
I am in love with not only the product, but the company too!
"I actually thought I had found my forever liner in another brand, which was currently out of stock, so I decided to give this liner a temporary shot. Let me tell you, I was SHOCKED with the quality of this liner. It goes on smooth, no tugging, very precise, and very black - just they way I like it. It blew the other liner away and for LESS than HALF of the price! Not only that, but they ( I purchased two ) came in the most adorable box with a bow/ribbon, nestled in black shredded paper, very classy, all in black. The liners themselves were in a nice, durable feeling material, in an awesome, matte black finish, very sleek! Also, the shipping was prompt! Aurora, you have won me over, I can't wait to try some of your other products now, you have a new customer for life!

Five stars! All day long!!!!

P.S. I finally got in the liner from the other company that I had originally been waiting for and it was a completely dried out, dud and for MORE than TWICE the price for just ONE versus what I paid Aurora for two! It will be sent back immediately bc I found my forever liner with Aurora!

Thanks Aurora!"
Review by Cara (Posted on 2/28/2017)
Best liquid liner. Hands down.
I have been using liquid liner for many years and I have to say that this liner puts the rest to shame! It goes on effortlessly and leaves a nice crisp line, and it stays in place all day. I rarely need to touch it up. This is the liquid liner that I have been searching for my whole life! I will never use anything else!
Review by Kristen (Posted on 2/28/2017)
LOVE the eyeliner and I think Aurora is absolutely awesome
I have been using this eyeliner for the last year or so and ALWAYS get compliments on this eyeliner. I always get compliments on my eyeliner!! I think the price is absolutely perfect and the quality is spot on. I have spent LOTS of money at both Sephora and Ulta trying several brands and types of liquid eyeliner that never left me completely satisfied. Not to mention Aurora cosmetics as a whole, their staff is amazing and attentive to my needs. This eyeliner glides on quickly and is so precise that I can glide it on quickly. AMAZING PRODUCT, GREAT PRICE, I'm a very happy customer
Review by Michelle Medrano (Posted on 2/28/2017)
Finally found the best
This is the best eye liner I have ever used. I love liquid liner but had to stop using it a couple of years ago because it started irritating my eyes I think I tried every brand out there and no matter it made my eyes water until it was no use even putting it on. I ordered two of the blackberry and two of cinnamon after reading all the reviews. I received my order quickly and they even sent an extra liner pencil. Unfortunately one of the blackberry came with no seal and I ended up throwing it away because I had already gotten rid of the invoice. Even though that makes me one short the price was definitely worth it. This stuff applies so easily and after giving it a minute to dry does not budge. I have used it everyday in one of the colors for two weeks now and not once had it irritated my eyes. I am a customer for life please please do not change this formula is perfect. Thank you.
Review by Christina Bradshaw (Posted on 2/28/2017)
The best eyeliner!
I received this as a free gift when I ordered 3 nail polishes. This eyeliner is amazing! It goes on beautifully and stays on all day! Will buy in the future!
Review by Jessica (Posted on 2/28/2017)

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